December 2020 Yoder and Frey's off-site 'fleet renewal' sale for Mark Haynes Construction attracts a good local audience and strong bidding with a total hammer of $1.8 million
November 2020 Yoder and Frey, the founders and architects of the now world famous Kissimmee Winter Auctions in Florida, make ready to attend Kissimmee #47, which they founded in 1974, inviting consignors to go with the original Kissimmee auction specialists
October 2020 Yoder and Frey announces LIVE online Rental Roll-Out Auction on behalf of Sunstate Equipment in Houston, Texas on October 28th
September 2020 Yoder and Frey 'OFF-SITE' sales attract global audiences for recent 'CCU COAL' disposal & upcoming online only 'Stock Renewal' sale on September 17th
August 2020 Another successful Yoder & Frey 'OFF-SITE' sale on behalf of CCU Coal & Construction Company
August 2020 Yoder & Frey launches "Daily Marketplace' a new real-time trading platform helping consignors to access a global market

August 2020

Yoder & Frey announces 'disposal sale' on behalf of CCU Coal, Ohio
March 2020 Yoder & Frey attracts another industry stalwart to the Y&F team as Account Manager to cover Pennsylvania and surrounding states
December 2019 Yoder & Frey attracts another industry ‘heavyweight’ ahead of the world famous 2020 Kissimmee Winter Sale
September 2019 Yoder & Frey - Industry Veteran Joins Yoder & Frey
August 2019 Yoder & Frey - Strengthens the team in Florida
May 2019 Yoder & Frey - Rise in early consignments to Kissimmee Auction and inaugural Findlay Auction
April 2019 Yoder & Frey - New HQ and Auction Site in Findlay heralds US expansion and global reach
February 2019 Yoder & Frey recruits to strengthen team in readiness for the 2019 Kissimmee Winter Sale
December 2018 Yoder & Frey reports massive interest in its end-of-year Auction at Ashland, Ohio
October 2018 Yoder & Frey’s successful October auction is a prelude to the 2019 Kissimmee Winter Sale
July 2018 Yoder & Frey announces specialist Aggregate, Mining and Quarrying disposal auction
July 2018 Yoder & Frey reports massive interest in upcoming September Auction at Ashland, Ohio site
May 2018 Yoder & Frey reports unprecedented bidding at recent 'timed' online auction
March 2018 Yoder & Frey get 2018 sales off to a flying start
February 2018 Yoder & Frey announce auction schedule for Kissimmee heavy equipment winter sale
January 2018 Heavy equipment pours in for Yoder & Frey - Kissimmee Winter Sale
January 2018 Consignments of heavy construction and agricultural equipment now flooding in for Yoder & Frey - Kissimmee Winter Sale in February
December 2017 Yoder & Frey sets foundations for solid growth
December 2017 Yoder & Frey closing sales of 2017 help heighten interest for Florida 2018
December 2017 It’s still not too late to sign up for the next Yoder & Frey heavy construction machinery and equipment auctions
November 2017 Yoder & Frey attracts new overseas consignors and bidder registrations soar
November 2017 Yoder & Frey Announces Worlds Largest Sale of Diesel Engines and Power Plants for Heavy Construction Machinery
September 2017 Yoder & Frey adds new construction equipment auction dates
June 2017 Yoder & Frey initiates recruitment drive as part of rapid expansion plan
May 2017 Yoder & Frey reports massive boost to online interest following introduction of new international online bidding platform
December 2016 Euro Auctions merge with Yoder & Frey Auctioneers
May 2016 1st Annual Spring Auction in Ashland Ohio - A Huge Success!
April 2016 Grand opening of New Ashland Ohio Auction Facility


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