Yoder & Frey Auctioneers conduct multiple types of auctions including one owner, outright purchases, consignment, absolute and non-absolute. We can handle any size auction, large or small. When you have made the decision to liquidate your equipment, contact one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives to help walk you through this easy process.

V. Peter Clark, President 800.842.6221
Trent Shaftner 859.333.4035
Joe Thurston 407.388.4888
Chris Deason 318.519.5511
Jayson Hutchinson 513.254.0528
Rodney Russell 254.2461541
Bryan Smith 724.809.8155

Your salesman will send you a contract and review with you all the Terms and Conditions of the auction. Rates will be negotiated based on the type and volume of equipment you will be selling. If you have a pre-established rate, please contact us for a contract at or phone 419.865.3990. If you are interested in obtaining a basic appraisal of your equipment before you decide to sell, please contact our professional sales staff at 419.865.3990.

After the commission rates have been established, complete the contract, with company’s complete legal name, and return to our office at fax number 419.865.4595 and you will be assigned a consignor number. This number will never change and can be used at all Yoder & Frey Auctioneers auctions. We will not be able to sell any equipment without an executed contract prior to the auction.


You, as a seller, will be responsible for arranging and paying for delivery to our sale site. Yoder & Frey Auctioneers will have field personnel and equipment on site to assist you in unloading. Keep all shipping documents from your trucking company showing proof of delivery to the sale site with a signature of a Yoder & Frey Auctioneers representative.

Your consignor number must be written on ALL equipment delivered to the sale site. No equipment will be received at the sale site without a signed contract and consignor number.

We ask that you send two sets of keys per piece to the auction site and any manuals or service records. These items will help increase the selling price of your equipment.

Request a statement of your equipment from our registration office and verify all listings are accurate and accounted for. Titles must be turned into the office at least three days prior to the auction.

Title laws and regulations vary from state to state. Please go to the auction website and view the link for the auction you are interested in.

Auction day will be filled with bustling activity as buyers arrive at the auction site to register and inspect equipment. Rest assured that our professional staff of auctioneers and ringmen will obtain the best results for your equipment.

After the auction, you will receive an audit list from us to verify your equipment and its selling price. As a general rule, payment will be made 14 banking days after the last day of the auction (18 banking days for the Florida auction). After all lien holders have been paid, settlement checks will be mailed to the address on your contract.

Yoder & Frey Auctioneers will always recommend the most profitable option for you and your company. Your salesman will recommend any optional services to your equipment that will help increase its value; however, we will never force you to make any repairs or improvements. And as always, we NEVER mark up vendors services. We charge you what they charge us.